Why choose us?

From solid oak dovetailed drawers through to hardwood cabinet frames, all our furniture represents quality and high value. With a collective experience of around two centuries between staff, we have had involvement in almost every skill the furniture trade presents. From steam bending solid timber, through to the latest finishing techniques, our knowledge shows through in our work and is passed onto our clients.

The hand crafted nature of our product makes every kitchen unique. No two pieces of timber are identical, as are no two pieces of our furniture.

All fixtures and fittings we use are hand picked for their quality and robustness. German made runners, hinges and pull out fittings, with life cycles running into hundreds of thousands of operations are a minimum requirement.

And above all…. We don’t cut corners. If it takes longer to do it right, it gets done right. If the most appropriate material for the job has a long lead time, we wait. That’s why Dalesmade!

If you would like to make an enquiry then please contact us on 01729 824 979 (showroom), 01729 824 449 (workshop) or get in touch via our contact form