Hand painted doors

Dalesmade hand painted kitchens are unique

Very few companies now produce genuine hand painted kitchens, and none we know of in our price range. They will sell them primed or unfinished but once you add the cost of painting on-site it really starts to add-up. The advantages of hand painted kitchens are:

It can be repainted

The most obvious reason but not the easiest to explain. A kitchen originally supplied hand painted is easy to re-paint (see below), but any other type is much more difficult. Sure, there are companies which claim to sell paint that will adhere to vinyl coated or lacquered doors but we’ve yet to see one that resists scratches and keys properly to the surface. Whilst fashions have changed painted kitchens have always remained on trend. When we started manufacturing painted kitchens, techniques such as Marbling, Rag rolling and Sponging were all the fashion. Fortunately those days are behind us and now any competent painter and decorator can bring your kitchen bang up to date if the trend for grey goes the same way as avocado in a few years time.


Blemishes can be fixed

Your kitchen will pick up the odd blemish in day to day use. These can be touched up quickly and easily by you using the supplied touch up paint. Just like new.


It’s like having a new kitchen everytime

When you do decide it’s time to re-paint it’s like getting a new kitchen but at a fraction of the cost and without the upheaval.


Hard wearing

The paint thickness on kitchens with a spray finish can be measured in microns. The final coat on ours is applied by brush in order to produce a durable and hand crafted finish. This takes skill and time, but it sets us apart.


Hand painting creates a lovely depth and texture with delicate brush strokes, each piece is unique, providing that personal touch.


The quality of the paint and its application are as important to us as they are to you. We use specialist furniture paint from our suppliers Tikkurila and it’s applied by someone with over 20 years experience. Consequently, in all our years of producing painted furniture, not one item has been returned as a result of poor finishing. 

Our standard range of colours